time and tide poster

I am exhibiting my work at Murmurations Gallery, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill until 16th October 2016 in an exhibition entitled Time and Tide.

collecting manifestoMy work will feature displays of my found objects - mostly from the beach - a culmination of many years of collecting.

The exhibition will be shared with Alex Leadbeater, with whom I collaborated briefly in 2011 (see below).


I am a member of the Starlings Collective - a group of craft makers and artists who show their work in Sackville Road, Bexhill and have been a featured artist in the Starlings shop. 

As a development of Starlings, Joe and Charlotte opened Murmurations, Gallery in 2015 and I have been involved in several of the gallery's shows and am a member of the gallery committee.


My torn paper seaside greetings cards are for sale in the Starlings shop in their shabby chic frames..

..and I sell other cards and canvases using my own photographs.  A new line is decorated notelet boxes using various media - eg fabric printed photographs and other applied materials.

box_blue box open

In 2011 I appeared on BBC South East (11th August 2011), presenting some of my collection work, as part of an feature on artists influenced by the sea. The article featured an exhibition of work by Alex Leadbeater at the Hastings Arts Forum.

personal statement

Principally an installation artist, living close to the sea, beachcombing is a constant in my life. The urge to collect, categorise, order and display my found objects satisfies a need to come to terms with past loss and to find a fulfilling way forward.

I am currently engaged in an A level Photography course at Sussex Coast College. Once again my family have been my inspirations; in the first year, five generations of my female line and latterly photos of my late husband Nick and our son Jim. My main thrust this year is cameraless photography - making inkjet transfer prints and when the weather allows, Anthotypes [making sunprints with crushed berries and leaves].

My final BA project involved an installation using slide projection with additional sound, bringing to life my great grandmother's diary of 1863, when she travelled to Europe with her reporter father, at a time when the Polish Uprising was taking place and the Eiffel Tower had not yet been built.

The diary highlights many parallels with historical events unfolding around us at this moment and used relevant images and sound in the hope of capturing the viewers' imagination - to inform as well as entertain.

"...Penny Hobson's wonderfully atmospheric installation based on her great grandmother's travel diary from a trip to the continent in 1863 combines audio extracts with a slideshow of telegrams, etchings, flyers and portraits - it is almost impossible to tear yourself away from." (Bexhill Observer, June 2011)

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